About Us

Computers 2 SD Kids

Computers 2 SD Kids is a non-profit organization created with the goal of assisting qualified children and their families to obtain computers, software, training and support in order to help them become computer literate as well as increase their access to educational, occupational and financial resources and the related skills to effectively use that technology.

Studies show that, even taking into account socioeconomic status, children with home computers perform at higher academic levels across the board. In today’s technology driven market, the chasm that separates the technologically connected from the technologically unconnected severely limits the overall success of the family thus widening the socioeconomic gap.

We place computers in the homes of low-income families who have a need for technology to enhance their children’s academic success. Our goal is to provide computers to be used for schoolwork; however, we know that having a computer in the home also enables families in many different and positive ways. Whether it’s completing a school assignment, developing job skills, seeking employment opportunities, increasing financial literacy, improving communications, or expanding access, technology helps individuals achieve their goals.

Our prime goal is to place the needed computers into the homes of 28% of San Diego County families who cannot afford this essential educational tool. The size of the low-income families we serve is from 3 to 11 members per household.

Through our Technology Grant Program, applicants are reviewed for socio-economic status and family dynamics, and accepted candidates are contacted to receive training and a computer. To make our program effective we have forged strong relationships with many different organizations from our community to help us identify families where the computers would not only make a significant impact, but a broad impact as well.

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